Hello and welcome! I’m Chad Tennant, and I’ve been using WordPress for five years plus. Additionally, I authored the bestselling book: The Best WordPress Plugins. The truth? I’ve spent too much time searching through plugins, so in a quest to save WordPress users time, I created addplugin.com to showcase the best plugins. WordPress currently has over 40,000 plugins in which I have extracted the top 1%.

What makes addplugin.com different from other “best plugin” websites and blogs is that it isn’t cluttered with images and advertisements. I’ve listed only free plugins and excluded premium plugins. You can think of it as a short-list of top-rated plugins to reference.

I firmly believe that 90% to 95% of the plugins that you’ll need to develop a successful site are listed here. I excluded social media plugins because they come down to personal preference. Listed plugins are based on:

  • Ratings
  • Active installs
  • Search rankings
  • Consensus from leading WP blogs
  • Personal experience

If you would like to see other top rated plugins added, please join our WordPress Facebook group to discuss.

Chad, WordPress Plugin Aficionado