WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

DevicesIf you’re new to WordPress, there can be some confusion between WordPress.org and WordPress.com so let’s understand their differences. WordPress.org provides free open-source software to run a website. It also acts as an information repository for all things WP. They offer plenty of information on themes, plugins, documentation, and in support forums. With their software, you’ll still need a hosting service i.e. the company that will keep your website up and running on the internet. I’ve gone this route for setting up my websites because of the flexibility to add different themes and plugins. This is the path to take if you want many design options without any restrictions. Hosting costs anywhere from five to ten dollars a month depending on the provider and, you can purchase and renew most domain names for about five to fifteen dollars annually.

WordPress.com is an all-in-one hosting service and software system. It’s managed by Automattic, a website development company. The founder of Automattic, Matt Mullenweg, is also the founder of the free WP software and the foundation that runs WordPress.org. WordPress.com controls the themes and plugins users have access to so your choices are far more limited. They take good care of technical nuances and offer great support, but you won’t have the design flexibility that many free WP software users enjoy. This route is suitable for those who don’t mind fewer options and who want simplification.

Lastly, Jetpack, an all-in-one plugin from WordPress.com, consist of many plugins to simulate the WordPress.com experience, but in WordPress.org environment.