Hello everyone,

My name is Ryan Tucker. 

I own & operate a number of web sites (too many) around the internet.  I’m certainly no big time marketing guru. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Ryan-Tucker.jpg

You may be where I was a few years ago.  I was trying so hard to learn how to make a full time income online. Over the years, I have learned from many people how to do it.  I am full time marketer now.

It hasn’t been easy.  People who say it is easy are probably selling the “answer” to just the next 100 people before they have to shut the doors. Yea right! It also takes knowledge.  It takes tenacity too.  Lots of it! You have to say to yourself “I won’t quit…EVER!”

My original reason to start a website was for fun.  Later I searched out the information needed to bring my business online in a money making capacity.  The information is out there, but I gotta admit it takes a whale of a lot of work to sift through it to find the ones that will really help your business explode.

That is where the seeds of this website sprouted.  While looking for information on internet marketing products I found that almost all of the reviews I could find were thinly disguised sales pages.  I found that many of the websites had the SAME review.  OK that’s funny.  These guys BOTH wrote the same review!  It didn’t take a genius to determine that many of the websites were merely using the promotional reviews provided by the merchant.

While I guess there is nothing really wrong with that, it wasn’t really what I was looking for.  I wanted some one else’s honest opinion about the products I was researching.  That’s where AddPlugin.com comes in.  I am going to do my best to give you honest reviews about these products.  Further, I will buy the product that I am reviewing. 

Probably THE most important aspect is having the proper mindset.

So how do YOU find that knowledge?  That’s why you need to read on…

You need information on internet marketing, search engine optimization, email advertising, Dropshipping, pay per click search engines, affiliate programs, shopping carts, how to take credit cards etc.  Then there are the “gurus”.  But WHICH marketing wizard should you study?  Which GURU do you hand your hard earned money to? 

Some of these “make money systems” & “marketing courses” had to be good but in my heart I just knew that some of them had to be pretty bad.  When I started I know I wanted SOMEONE to tell me which ones were good and which ones were bad.

I quickly learned that most “reviews” these days are one paragraph sales letter with links to sell the product. 

What a GIGANTIC waste of time!

I’ll be honest.  I am going to offer products for sale too.  I make money if you click on my link and purchase something. Here it is:

Disclosure: We are affiliates for the products we review. We receive commissions if you purchase after clicking on our link.

But unlike MOST of the “reviewers” out there I actually PURCHASE the product & go over it step by step with you instead of writing “Gee that’s great go buy it!” like a bunch of these web sites are doing.  If I the product is given to me to review I will reveal that in the review.

When you see a review site with 1 paragraph & a link to the website…please don’t think they are being objective or honest.  It is what is called a “presell”.  The bad news is my reviews are long.  I like to think they are more thorough.

So how does MY review help you?

1. You are getting a detailed second opinion.  Believe me when I say that I will give you my honest opinion.  Yea, I’m long winded.  But, I’m not known to be shy about giving out my opinions.

2. I can tell you about my experience with the product. How did the product & bonuses measure up and so on…  I can go over the product one step at a time.  Did the “money making idea” make sense once it was in my hand?

3. If I am impressed & become an affiliate, I might sell the product.  If you purchase from me you quite often get bonuses in addition to the ones that the original marketer offers.  So actually you get a “better” deal by buying the product linked through me.  If the product doesn’t stack up I won’t sell it.  I prefer to become an affiliate for products I believe in.

4. You get to take advantage of what research that I have done.  It may help you wade through the vast number of products out there. I may be able to say, well this product was ok but here is another one that does the job better. I haven’t bought them all by any stretch of the imagination.  Nobody could either.  The internet is moving SO fast.  You have to keep up.

Again you will get my HONEST (& often brutal) opinion of a product.  You have my word on it!  BUT I want to be fair too. 

Several of my previous reviews were NOT favorable.  Interestingly enough, those products are no longer available.

  • If you are a newbie internet marketer, I can save you a bunch of pain & money.

  • If you just need an honest review of an internet marketing product before you buy…

  • If you are looking for a bonus for a product that you want…

  • If you are worried about getting scammed…

  • If you want a friend you can trust…

  • If you are looking for products, services and free information…

Then you have come to the right place!

Welcome to AddPlugin.com

This is a website you can trust.  You may not always agree with my opinion, but you will get an honest opinion out of me.  I may be right or I may be wrong, but I will believe what I tell you.

I don’t think that is common in the internet marketing world.

Sign up for my newsletter and look around.  I think you’ll like what you see.  You can Contact Me Here and I will try to help you in each possible way.

I wish you the best of success.