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The internet has opened the doors to endless opportunities in different fields. You don’t have to go outside or work through old brick-and-mortar methods to earn and promote your business. Making money and prospering in your enterprise has never been this easy, and one should take full advantage of the resources provided by the internet and the latest technology.


If you have been searching for a viable online business prospect, chances are you’ve stumbled upon drop shipping already. It may look like a complicated idea to grasp at first, but it has become a booming e-commerce business that returns profits ten-folds if done right.

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Dropshipping is a business prospect that simplifies the process of online marketing and selling. If you think you can operate on websites like Amazon and Shopify but lack necessities like an inventory or a warehouse for your goods, then dropshipping is for you.

Dropshipping is the answer to all your queries regarding-commerce and online businesses. It allows you to sell products without having to worry about the above-mentioned things.

You must get acquainted with a supplier that shoulders the responsibility of producing goods and storing them as well. You’ll be the one responsible for dealing with customers, which means they’ll hold you accountable if something goes wrong.

I admit that drop shipping is not a guaranteed success, at least not without the proper tools and resources. There are endless variables that should be monitored carefully to yield a profit. Otherwise, it will be another failed business experience for you.

If you want to make your dropshipping business a success, then search for the right tools and methods to make it a reality. Spy tools are also included in the starter pack of a dropshipping business as they are efficient and help you monitor the market’s pattern as well as your competitors’ moves.

You must market the right product on your online store and at the right time. Spy tools make such decisions for you and keep you in touch with the latest trends in the market.

Just like any other business, it is not easy to find the right tools and strategies on a whim. Trial-and-error is part of all business attempts, but a little bit of research and review hunting can help you along the way.

I have tried several spy tools from the time I was a young entrepreneur until now, and one such tool is Product List Genie. I will share my experience with you to help you understand whether this software is beneficial for your dropshipping business or not.



Product List Genie is an e-commerce software that assists entrepreneurs in online marketing and advertising. It keeps track of the latest and hottest trends as well as helps you in maneuvering the technicalities of the dropshipping business via their online training opportunities.

As stated earlier, your dropshipping business won’t take off until you are selling the right products when they are in demand. Product List Genie is designed to facilitate the concept of demand and supply efficiently.

I have summarized the purpose of this software, but it is more than just that. It has a lot more features than are discussed here. Some are reviewed in detail below:

Product List Genie



Dropshipping is a business that will fall apart if you are not up to date with the latest and the viral trends of the market. You always need to stay one step ahead of your competitors and know the profits a product can bring if marketed in your store wisely.

Product List Genie promises to make such endeavors easy for you by using their search genies that work 24/7. The information that they will share with you is meticulously put together by these genies who have gathered it by carefully monitoring and analyzing the supply and demand trends of the market.

The sharing of valuable information is just the tip of the iceberg as it also gives you ideas on highlighting the best angles of those products. The copywriters at Product List Genie work tirelessly to write the best content for your product page.



Product List Genie ensures that anything that is selling well is available to be added to your store with a few clicks. You can transfer a product from another platform to your store without violating any copyright laws or infringing any other rights.

Everything is taken care of by the built-in push-to-store technology of Product List Genie. It eases the process of conversions by supplying the right prospect to market product and keeping its copy unique.

The extent of this feature is not just restricted to one product, but the software also allows you to market bundles of products to increase the average values of your orders.

How So?

Product List Genie understands the simple trick that pushes customers to buy more online, and that is bundle deals. You can maximize their sales by just adding the right bundled products to your store.

Features Product List Genie


Product List Geniefollows a simple principle that is to simplify and facilitates your online e-commerce business. Its primary purpose is to include relevant and viral products in your store and make them look attractive by either promoting them lavishly or selling them in bundles.

Following are a few things that Product List Genie prioritizes while offering information about a product:


My time with Product List Genie made me realize that it is the perfect tool for young entrepreneurs to kick-start their dropshipping business. There are several things that one should account for when dipping their toes in such a risky business.

Fortunately, Product List Genie is designed to do just that for you. It works collaboratively with Shopify and creates an attractive storefront for you and includes the trendiest products in your shop to cultivate its reputation. Once the store is set up according to your selected niche, it works to keep it updated as per the latest trends in the market.

Although we have already discussed the feasibility offered by Product Genie List’s built-in push-to-store technology and search genies, it is necessary to explore these features further. The trends that it provides are curated after analyzing the market trends carefully. The list of trendy products is updated after every 24 hours to ensure that your store doesn’t fall behind your competitors in providing the hottest and trendiest products for your customers.

The extent of its automation does not just end here as it automates the delivery system of your store as well. The feature that is used to make this a reality is called a “Fulfillment Genie,” which ensures that you don’t need to collaborate with any unreliable suppliers to deliver your products to your customers.

“Fulfillment Genie” organizes your store’s deliveries as per the world-famous shipping formula that spans over seven days. 

How is that possible?

The quick shipping of the product is possible because of its US-based operations. The products that it deems worthy of being included in your store are all shipped directly from a US warehouse. With the incorporation of automation in your delivery system, one can afford to worry less about the reputation of their dropshipping store.


I have often observed young entrepreneurs making this mistake while starting with the dropshipping business which gets them in trouble with the law. When spy tools provide them with a list of trendy products, they add them to their store hastily without considering the copyright sanctions they might have to face while marketing some products in their store.

For instance, sports gear that has company logos visible in a picture can stir trouble for you if you advertise those pictures on your store as it is. Anything that is branded must not be sold in your store without obtaining the necessary permissions from the said brand.

Product List Genie reminds you to steer clear of such troubles through their support and guidance feature. This feature will be elaborated on in detail in its related heading below.


Aside from automation and staying clear of legal liabilities, Product List Genie simplifies the product promotion available on your store as well. It does so by providing you with a Google Ready Link that helps you track the keywords related to the product while allowing you to preview your finished Ad.

I believe that people who struggle with advertising and promoting their products will find this feature useful for their e-store. After reviewing the Ad copy of any product, you can save the file in your preferred format to upload it to your online store.

The advertising opportunities provided by Product List Genie are beneficial for newbies in the dropshipping business. It can work collaboratively with Facebook and Google advertising to not only track people’s interests but also the keywords that can keep your product relevant to the top searches.


As we’ve mentioned before, Product List Genie can be a perfect companion for those who are new to the dropshipping business and are still struggling to cement their position in the market.

The developer of this software, Giancarlo Barraza, understood such problems and designed this software to accommodate all kinds of users. The basic idea for assistance was to build a community of entrepreneurs that are always available to advise each other on troubling matters.

I think I’ve already emphasized enough that amateurs will find immense relief while using this software because of the tutorial and daily training offered.

For instance, it has a training course called 10 Live Webinars Weekly that provides the necessary training and know-how a newbie might need to know to succeed in the dropshipping business. This training program is an interactive one that takes 10 live calls in which the caller can ask about any problem that’s been troubling them without any reservations.

The idea behind this Webinar is that people who are listening to it can find answers to their queries as well. It helps to build a community that shares the same interests and concerns and is eager to help each other for the collective success of e-commerce.

Moreover, one can learn the basics via the many tutorials available on Product List Genie. These are quick How-to videos that are enough to educate you about some of your concerns within a few minutes.

I found this feature quite useful as it encouraged me to make some bold decisions that later proved to be profitable. The assurance and reliance offered by Product List Genie guarantee that you know there is someone that you can always rely on if things went south.



At first glance, Product List Genie might seem like an ordinary tool that tells you what to add in your store as per the market trends, but it is more than just that. Once you know the hottest trendy products and have included them in your store, you need to attract customers to generate revenue.

Product List Genie helps in that niche as well. They take the Facebook advertisement feature one step ahead of other spy tools software.

As mentioned above, the software helps you find the related keywords along with giving you the freedom to download an ad copy. In addition to this, it assists you with a short video and gives your advertisement campaign a purpose and a push in the right direction.

For me, the efficiency with which the advertising process worked clarified the needs of my audience. It helped in boosting the sales of my store as I stayed close to the trends of supply and demand by filtering the information provided to me.

Product List Genie Price


Product List Genie goes beyond the realm of the functionality of a spy tool and helps you to grow your online e-commerce business in several other ways. These extra services provide simplified solutions for several mundane problems associated with an e-store.


If you are not familiar with setting up a website or a store for your online business, then this professional service is just for you. It sets up your store as per the particularities and preferences set by you.

No need to worry about the optimization of your website as this feature takes care of it efficiently. PLG advertises this service as a function that is bound to elevate your e-commerce business to new heights.


Another thing that an amateur or a lazy entrepreneur might appreciate is the convenience of setting up their product page for them. The product page accounts for not only the product description but also the right product image to post with it as well.

I have mentioned this feature in passing before, but it is essential to reiterate it in detail here. The experienced copywriters working at Product List Genie ensure that a customer reading a product description on your product page doesn’t leave it without purchasing anything from your store.

·         AD PRODUCTION:

If you are unable to brainstorm a fetching idea for your ad campaign, then this service might come in handy for you. Through this ad production service, PLG assists you in creating the right ad for your product as well as aiding you in running its marketing campaign by using its Ad Copy service and trend analysis data.


Product List Genie prides itself on providing your customers with just the right material to hook them. It understands the impact of a viral video or a Facebook ad has on the minds of an eager audience.

By using this service, you can explore the full potential of Product List Genie’s promotional services.


The drop shipping business might seem intimidating for first-timers, but it isn’t that hard to run its ropes if you have the right guidance. The installation of this product doesn’t require elaborate proceedings to start your e-commerce business.

You can install the software from the official site and sign up for any plan you see befitting your preferences. And if you are not ready to commit to it, then a free trial is something that might come in handy to help you decide whether this software is worthy of your dime or not.

Once the acquisition of the software is out of the way, you can start using this software as per your needs. You will be provided with an opportunity to sync your Product List Genie account with your Shopify account to facilitate automation and push-to-store technology.

After syncing your accounts, there isn’t much to do as you will be provided with the product list every 24 hours. Now, you are responsible for deciding whether you want that product sold and advertised on your e-store or not.

The installation and the use of this product don’t consume much of your time, and if you play your cards wisely, you’ll be able to bag immense profits off your e-commerce business.


Dropshipping is not an easily-accessible e-commerce business as it exposes you to several liabilities. For instance, if your supplier fails to deliver the ordered product on time, then you will be responsible to your customers and your store’s image will be tarnished. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that your supplier will deliver the ordered product after you’ve received the payment.

There are a lot of what-ifs and uncertainties associated with the business itself and God forbid if you choose the wrong tools to integrate and promote products for your e-store.

This is where Product List Genie comes into play. It helps you integrate viral products in your e-store to maximize your sales and profits. Spy tools are a necessary part of e-commerce, and without them, the efficiency of this business model is lost.

If you are in favor of not wasting your time and energy searching for the right products to sell, then buying a spy tool subscription is the best treat you can give yourself as a young entrepreneur.

Product List Genie is more than just an advisor for product integration for you. You can use it to reach more people and the right audience.

Imagine that you are looking for a traditional Korean Hanbok, but you can’t find the right one for yourself. The keywords you’ve used to search the said Hanbok will lead the seller right to you by Facebook ads.

PLG not only searches for the right products related to your niche, but it also assists you in reaching the right audience to sell products as well. This feature alone is enough to make you understand why Product List Genie is categorized as a spy tool.

In conclusion, it not only spies on the market trends but also on your competitors and customers to attain the information needed to run an e-commerce business successfully.



As stated earlier, Product List Genie allows you to test its features for 7 days for free. If you are indecisive about the efficiency of this product even after doing your research, then a free trial might help you reach a decision without losing any money.

But if you are sure that Product List Genie is the right product for you then there are two subscription plans offered by the manufacturer that are as follows:


The basic subscription is just how its name suggests, that is, basic. The features provided to the users of this plan are limited and cannot be explored to their full potential. If you are not familiar with the e-commerce world, then you can take small steps by buying a basic subscription plan for yourself.

It will cost you around $67 per month which might seem a bit expensive compared to other spy tools. After reading about its pros and cons, you might be able to decide whether this software is worth all the hype or not.


The pro subscription plan is best for people who are sure of their investment on this product yielding profits. It will cost you around $99 a month and give you unhindered access to all its features.

You might find it helpful to know that as a customer, you can cancel your purchased subscription plan anytime. According to Product List Genie’s website, they value customer satisfaction above everything else, which is why they’ll return your money if you cancel your subscription within 30 days.


Product List Genie promises to assist their customers in any way they can, which is why they offer discounts and coupons frequently. These discounts and coupon cards not only provide relief to their loyal customers but also encourages new users to try their services at a discounted price.

If you buy a subscription via Product List Genie’s website, then you can avail a 50% discount on your purchase. Not only this, there is another running deal offered by Product List Genie where you can avail a lifetime discount of 25% off on your every PLG purchase.

If you want to avail this offer, you can do so by using the promo code WISH25.



A thorough overview of the product’s features might tells you what it promises to offer and how it advertises those features. But whether those features are useful for you or not can only be revealed once you use the product and spend on it.

I have taken the responsibility to let you know whether it is wise to spend your hard-earned money on this software or not through this review.


  • It curates a list of 10,000 viral products for you without asking you to invest any time and effort.
  • It keeps a close eye on the patterns of public purchasing trends and keeps track of frequently advertised products.
  • You don’t have to be a pro to use this software as it is easy to understand and use. You don’t have to be a skilled technician or a programmer to operate this software.
  • If you are not familiar with the e-commerce business, its guidance and support might help you learn it quickly.
  • One thing that it is often praised for is its efficient customer service that one can rely on at any time of the day. They are available at your service 24/7.
  • Apart from keeping you updated on the market trends after careful analysis, it also creates Facebook ads for your e-store and products available on it.
  • The push-to-store technology allows you to integrate trendy products into your e-store immediately with just one click. No need to write product descriptions and find related pictures to advertise the products as everything is ready for immediate use.
  • One Click automation allows you to deliver shipments as per the 7-day shipment formula which is supported by a US-based warehouse.
  • It offers rewards and deals per week to its loyal customer on the continuous use of its product.
  • Its program that opens doors of interaction between the experts at Product List Genie and their customers helps to increase their profits and learning opportunities.


  • While using the US warehouse supplier, you might notice that most Sports products included in your PLG are branded that can expose you to several legal sanctions.
  • The 7-day free trial might not be enough for some people as it only provides limited access to some features.
  • Not all products included in the list are the new or latest release. This liability reveals that PLG prioritizes viral trends and pay little mind to them being latest as well. For them, it is essential for a product to sell well regardless of their age in the market. This can cause some inconvenience for the user as it can clash with their e-store’s policy.
  • The product list provided to you is sometimes not refined and you will have to go through it to decide which products should be marketed on your e-store. This makes the built-in push-to-store feature a liability and useless on most days.


My limited yet enriching experience in the e-commerce field tells me that it is difficult to thrive in this business without an efficient spy tool to guide you in your decision. The online markets are filled with websites and software that are competing against each other to provide the best features to their consumers.

The question is, how to find the right spy tool for your e-store?

My advice is to invest some time searching for the best spy tool one time instead of looking for trendy and viral products to integrate into your store daily. Once you pick the right spy tool to use collaboratively with your online business, earning profits off your e-commerce business is easy.

Product List Genie is a new spy tool that I have used to test the validity of its claims. After trying all its features, I concluded that the product has more pros than cons, which means that overall, it is a useful product.

But the thing is, not everyone is looking for well-rounded software that gets the job done without accounting preferences and individual skills. Although PLG has an efficient training program for amateurs and several tutorials for its users to learn to navigate the dropshipping e-commerce business yet, some things can stump an inexperienced customer.

For instance, the copyright liability that you will face by using its US warehouse and product list feature can crush your business’s growth.

If you don’t know how to get past such minor yet technical inconveniences that you might have to bear losses in your business initially, you will be dealing with lawyers and judges instead of making profits off your newly set up business.



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