Why is AliDropship the Best WordPress E-Commerce Tool?

People have been asking me about the best ways to earn money online.

If you are someone who plans to establish a business via the net, drop shipping is one of the best e-commerce businesses you can go for. Are you not familiar with drop shipping?

Drop shipping is an online business, which comes with the minimal cost and investment requirements. It is a kind of venture where you do not have to own a warehouse to store the goods, no need of maintaining inventories or shipping the goods and services to the customers.

“Eh, are you high, bro? How am I supposed to earn by doing nigh on nothing?”

Hahaha, I am not kidding. A business model like this really does exist!

How this exactly works is, the retailer (for instance, you) partners with the DropShip supplier (me, for example), who manufactures and stores products in the warehouse. Once you receive orders, you need to inform me about the orders and their details, after receiving all the data I shall pack and ship the goods and services to the customer.

This kind of business does not demand a lot of investments as you don’t have to show a physically present business. All you need is a website, a laptop, and an internet connection.

​Another benefit of the drop shipping business is; the risk factor is next to nothing. As you have no products purchased, you do not have the burden or stress of selling the products on your website.

How to Get Your Drop Shipping Business Started?

You can start your drop shipping venture through different ways, but one of the best ways to establish this type of business is by using, AliDropship.

What is AliDropship?

AliDropship is a WordPress plugin that links you to AliExpress. AliExpress is an online retail store owned by AliBaba, and most of the resellers here are Chinese businesses.

Understanding and embarking an online business can be easy for a tech geek, but it can be tricky and overwhelming for a non-techie person. That’s where AliDropship plays a vital role.

This plugin is the most effective solution to start a drop shipping business on WordPress, along with helping you to set up the business, it also offers various features to make your online venture an easy game.

You can easily import products from the AliExpress store to your online store just by adding AliDropship to your WordPress website. All you need to do is choose the products you want to sell through your website and import it directly to your web page.

​While setting up this online business, you need to make sure you have an e-commerce enabled WordPress theme like WooCommerce.WordPress logo

AliDropship comes with 2 options.

You can either go for the plugin only, or you can ask for the custom store where they handle everything for you.

They will provide you a .com domain, do the required niche research, set-up payment gateway, provide a custom design, Google Analytics integration, list the products and much more. Their package costs $299, which is reasonable when compared to the amount of work they do on your behalf.

​This is especially beneficial for the ones who are technologically backward. And hey, techie guy, you too can use their custom store to save your time and energy.

How to Use the Plugin itself?

In case you are planning to use the plugin by itself, install WordPress with an AliDropship e-commerce enabled theme. This plugin comes with different themes, and also has a version compatible to WooCommerce themes.

​One of the main differences between these two AliDropship themes is that the plugin compatible to the WooCommerce themes do not come equipped with marketing tools like abandoned cart, cross-sell, email list or discounts.

What are the web hosting requirements for the AliDropship Plugin?

  • ​Open incoming connection
  • ​Hosting 32bit (64bit for better performance)
  • ​PHP around 5.6 or higher
  • ​ionCube activated on your hosting
  • ​File size upload limit of minimum 10MB

Activating ionCube loader to your web hosting server is important for every online venture. It comes equipped with a set of tools that helps protect the site from being edited, viewed or installed on unauthorized devices.

So, ensure that you choose a web hosting platform that provides you ionCube loader. I would suggest you to go for SiteGround web hosting platform. I connected with their customer support through live chat to get the ionCube installed and those guys installed ionCube loader within minutes.

​And hey, did I tell you? AliDropship provides web hosting services too!

Is AliDropship worth Trying?


AliDropship plugin provides different features like complete business set-up, marketing tools, web hosting platform and much more.

You can establish the drop shipping business in like $300. Yes, you can get all your work done in just $300, right from the niche research to setting up the payment gateway.

In case you want to get all the work done by the AliDropship plugin providers, you can order the custom store.Custom store package

Another reason I love AliDropship is that unlike other plugins, it offers complete ownership. If you opened the store using other options, you would lose everything if you wanted to shift your store in the future.

But with AliDropship, your business is whole and solely yours, even if you want to switch your hosts.

Using this plugin is easy, there are plenty of documentations, and a super fast support team. I have contacted the support time multiple times, and they have been quick in responding to my queries. Also, they make sure that all your doubts and issues are resolved.

But you need to remember, if you buy just the plugin, you are liable to install WordPress and go about the set-up process.

In case you want to get all the work done by the AliDropship plugin providers, you can order the custom store. They help you right from the scratch and offer a hassle-free experience.

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